And yet that is what so many so called Outplacement providers do when supporting those who are being made redundant…….

First they turn up too late when some internal reputational damage has already been done. 

Then they just keep telling you to think positive.

To spend the credits they have given you on overpriced services (best of which you don’t get access to because not in your package).

And keep hammering home the importance of the classic 1990’s S.T.A.R interview techniques. Yawn. 

All of which is completely outdated and not grounded in the nuanced reality of the modern job search world. 

Besides most of the outside, freelance Career Coaches they deploy at huge mark-up don’t even have a strong personal brand or online following themselves. 

So how could they advise an effective LinkedIn strategy? Or personal branding? Or Building a network?

What is worse is that they seem to expect the jobseeker to know what they want and what they need from their Outplacement services.

When often the candidates have not been on the market for years and understandably have no idea. They certainly don’t want traditional “coaching” or to find solutions themselves.

They want directing, clarity and a proven playbook to get a go to market strategy moving at pace and minimise their time on the job market. 

They want not just job hunting but help with financial planning, health and well being and maybe even mental health support.

All backed up with a digital platform that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

We mentioned in our previous post about the return on investment for businesses that get this outplacement right.  A link to the article and surprising stats is here:

Redundancies are at times inevitable but the fallout and loss of productivity is not.

Allow us to help your through your current restructuring and rightsizing processes to set the business up for the next stage of your recovery and growth.

And give those effected the help they really need rather than the “quick cuddle and an Ice Cream” services other Outplacement providers are offering. 

We will all be better for it.

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