Why you are here

You believe 

Teams change the world

Purpose as well as profit

D&I creates strong cultures

Strong cultures deliver high performance

The right person, in the right role, in the right team, at the right time is critical to the mission.

But things have become complex and you don’t have the time or resources to proactively manage.

Hiring talent feels like a chore, rather than a joy.

Something you fall behind on. Something you reluctantly deal with, not cherish.

There must be a better way. That’s why you’re here.

Why we exist?

To own that better way.  We’re redefining talent solutions by maximising value pre & post hiring and connecting a pricing model that is completly aligned to client success.

We know you’re building something better. All of our clients are and so are we. 

When you’re driven by purpose as well as profit, finding people who align with your mission is vital. That’s where our talent solutions can make a difference.

At Collabz, maximising the number of successful digital, entrepreneurs, at every stage, that use business as a force for good is all that matters. 

Our own commitment keeps us at the cutting edge of the sustainable and purpose-led economy, better placed to serve your needs.

We’re redefining our category to help daring founders redefine theirs.

Why FIX now?


  • Own a thriving talent ecosystem
  • Resourcing cycles shortened
  • Hiring budget reduced
  • Hiring velocity improved
  • Talent begging to join your brand
  • Customers seeing your movement
  • Growth forecasts become reality
  • Investors DM’ing you term sheets


Who are we?


We’re Louis & Brad 

We’re half brothers which is completely irrelevant. 

We spent 10 years in corporate RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) in the UK.

2000 technical hires a year, multi-country type stuff.

Exposed to big brands and workforces that every day presented a new challenge that required a different way to attract & retain talent.

We loved every minute of it. 

But not all of those minutes were spent working with clients that inspired us and on projects that we were passionate about.

More and more clients wanted things done cheaper & faster and traditional RPO, Procurement, HR and recruitment agencies just let it happen. Things got rather commoditised and the people thing was lost.

However, some of our time was spent with smaller ventures solving how to attract & hire amazing talent when you don’t have a brand and how to make sure new hires are super productive, highly engaged and performing to the best of their abilities, which is what we’re really good at.

That’s why we spent the last year building COLLABZ. So we could do it all day long.


This is what hiring success feels like

Are you ready to make people your only sustainable competitive advantage with our embedded talent solutions?

digital career transitioning

From £125 per student 


Ensure people are leaving your company as happy as when they joined with a hybrid digital outplacement program that fully supports their situational change transition into the jobs market


 From £2500 per month

pipeline key skills

Candidate generation and talent pipelining on steroids. It combines employer branding, sourcing, and software to deliver a measurable process for building rock solid relationships with top talent.


From £5000 per month 

Flexible in-sourcing

Welcome to your in-house recruitment team, fully embedded in your company. Our team come fully equipped with all the tools and support needed to achieve great things on your behalf.


Our work is underpinned by a set of values which brings meaning to our engagement and guides our customer experience:

Champion The Challenger

An inherent passion to help smaller companies with big ideas and less resources compete head to head with the dominant players in their category.

Create Cadence

We move fast. An experience that delivers pace and rhythm within your talent management activities freeing you up to concentrate on running your business.

ChangE The Conversation

We build things differently to perform better. Making talent-based conversations more pragmatic, innovative and progressive.

Continuous Learning

Ensuring our performance growth mindset results in us continuing to be at the forefront of the industry delivering best in class talent solutions for mid-market businesses

Crack The Code

We are obsessed with establishing the right talent formula for your business in a bespoke and tailored way. We won’t stop until we’ve got the result. 

And if you’re still not convinced.


You don’t have to be tied to us for longer than required. 


Complete analysis of your recruitment situation to deliver a tailored end to end solution.


Shape winning hiring strategies and inform wider talent led decisions.


Identify your unique employment offer and accurately showcase your brand.


We’re experts at developing pipelines of talent aligned to your needs, ahead of business demand


Rapid implementataion. A single talent hub to streamline the process of hiring and onboarding talent.


Helping you off board talent as brand advocates via a hybrid digital and 1-2-1 coaching platform.  

CULture Adding hiring process

Our cultural analytics & matching tool positively impacts the whole recruitment process.

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