A 1% downsizing of your workforce can lead to a 40% drop in employee engagement while increasing the voluntary turnover by 31% in the following fiscal year.

Guiding your employees through a career transition has never been an easy challenge; however, it presents the opportunity to make a real impact. Keeping the ‘human’ in human resources can have an enduring influence on those going through the transition, your workforce and the businesses brand.

In partnership with Natural HR, our MD, Louis Cross, and Commercial Consultant, Andrew MacAskill, will be co-hosting the next HR Expert webinar and exploring how HR can humanise career transitioning and guide their employees through the process.

Louis and Andrew will uncover:

– Defining outplacement.
– What a traditional model would look like and who is it for?
– The transformation of the model and how it has been distilled for all.
– What a complete product should look like: financial, wellbeing, fitness & coaching and digital lead.
– How a career transition can benefit those involved.
– The benefits for your business and you as an HR leader.

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To explore Digital Outplacement as a service further please check out our Digital Outplacement product on the link below

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