hiring success with Melu

Building a supercharged sales function to drive critical growth


?? Collabz are pumped to be helping Melu on their global expansion plan, grabbing a £20M+ market opportunity and redefining their MarTech category by humanising managed live chat.


? Melu’s product is a no-brainer within your digital tool box. It turns your previously unknown website visitors into customers; they are achieving an average of 15x ROI.


? With companies increasing their digital capabilities and the world moving online, it would have been easy to sit back and enjoy DD YOY growth but this team had bigger dreams!


? Melu doubled down and made investments in sales heaccount to accelerate the adoption of their service within the SMB & Mid-Market space.


? They are progressive thinkers, action oriented, people-centric and willing to take risks to own their space.

Just our kind of company.

The challenge

Melu’s hiring mission was to scale their commercial headcount by 40 people to hit an agreed growth roadmap. New roles included a Sales Director, Sales Development Representatives and Account Executives.

Whilst making their way to product market fit, Melu had grown organically over two years through content marketing, referrals, networking and events. With metrics hit, this was the time to supercharge their outbound sales cadence and people plan.

Melu’s challenge for Phase 1 is to close 600 B2B clients/£120k MRR in order to reach their next funding milestone. Melu urgently needed to build a sales function in order to increase awareness and convert new customer sign-ups.

Creating a winning sales function from the ground up is a serious endeavour. Finding the right talent, onboarding effectively, establishing a high performing culture and embedding “The Revenue Playbook” comes with plenty of risk.

But where to start, with limited experience in building out this type of operation?

5 key things Melu were looking to avoid along the way:

New hire churn that might impact the productivity of the sales team
and cost the business time and capital

Hiring based on CV, rather than behaviors and attitudes.

Expensive one-off recruiting and hidden costs 

Excessive burden on founders’ time during the recruitment cycle

Roles not being filled on time, impacting the business plan

The choice

Melu faced a choice of outsourcing this piece of work to recruitment agencies at an estimated cost of 15%-20% per new hire salary and no guarantee past 12 weeks.


This would also require heavy management time to coordinate the hiring processes and work with the supplier(s). 


Melu also considered hiring a recruitment manager to design the strategy, build out the systems and methodology and manage the project. A key part of this position would also be to attract and directly hire as many people as possible to reduce the spend on recruitment agencies.


This was Melu’s preferred option before running the numbers, understanding their third option of insourcing this work…

The solution


Collabz helped Melu scale smart with our Talent-as-a-Service (TaaS). Service delivery began with a 14-day mobilisation period and is built around a fixed monthly subscription for their Phase 1 hiring plan and sales talent pipeline coverage.

This included a full stack talent acquisition team embedded in their business with the latest hiring toolkit, delivering in line with the hiring playbook used by leading SaaS companies.


Research successful operations within MarTech to understand organisational designs, growth roadmaps and go-to-market strategies

Agree the ideal candidate profiles and use talent intelligence to shape hiring plan and attraction strategy  

Configure and roll-out careers portal, ATS and CRM


Implement and manage hiring playbook (attraction & engagement strategy, assessment & selection process, manager training, hiring committee and scorecard)

Manage pre- and post-hire experience driven onboarding

The results

We delivered a commission-free, fixed monthly subscription service for Melu, yielding the following results:

monthly cost savings versus recruitment agencies

All hires delivered in
7 weeks with just one week empty chair time


95% hiring velocity
achieved across all hires

100% offer acceptance
rate from successful


Total Melu Director time
burden equal to just 1.6 hours per hire

803% increase
in Melu company page traffic in the first week alone


ready to experience hiring success?

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