Your Flexible IN-house Talent Solutions.

Are you ready to make talent your competitive advantage?

digital career transitioning

From £125 per student 


Ensure people are leaving your company as happy as when they joined with a hybrid digital outplacement program that fully supports their situational change transition into the jobs market


 From £2500 per month

pipeline key skills

Candidate generation and talent pipelining on steroids. It combines employer branding, sourcing, and software to deliver a measurable process for building rock solid relationships with top talent.


From £5000 per month 

Flexible in-sourcing

Welcome to your in-house recruitment team, fully embedded in your company. Our team come fully equipped with all the tools and support needed to achieve great things on your behalf.

Created differently to perform better

COLLABZ is a digital-first business, operating on agile methodology. We deliver a first-rate customer experience and incredible value through our new concept. 

We do this by creating dedicated teams inside your world. They live and breathe your company every day, but are supported by our TALENT UTILITY. Our unique business model enables us to quickly build genius teams to solve tough challenges, without ever having a bloated cost base.

This approach allows us to operate at the speed of your business, adapt to company culture, and drive results. At the same time we’re giving you an extremely flexible and responsive in-house recruitment function. Together we can rapidly develop and scale talent solutions to push your business forward.

The in-house recruitment sector continues to evolve at breakneck speed; it’s almost unrecognisable from just a few years ago. Yet due to staffing and budget constraints, this level of recruitment expertise has so far largely been out of the reach of SMEs.

The COLLABZ model, however, gives you precisely the right specialisms, technology capabilities, and capacity required to meet your hiring goals. What’s more, our expertise is completely scalable. As your business grows and evolves, so do your in-house recruitment requirements. We can give you access to the relevant people and specialist disciplines, either on an ad-hoc basis or as immersed members of the team.

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