You are who you hire  

Grow your team the smart way with our in-house Talent Acquisition as-a-service


The impact your business has on the world will be determined by the quality of your team. When there’s so much at stake, why take risks?


Do what you do best & in-source the rest 

The right person, in the right role, in the right team, at the right time is critical to the mission.

But things have become complex. Hiring talent feels like a chore, rather than a joy.

Something you fall behind on. Something you reluctantly deal with, not cherish.

Hiring is the most important yet hardest thing you’ll do. There must be a better way. That’s why you’re here.


a weapon of mass talent domination 🙂

 Founders need more than just a recruiter. We built a highly agile & premium managed service that focuses on helping you attract, hire & onboard A-players, free up your time & amplify your story. Our operating model is broken down into six specialist areas to support the life cycle of the hiring experience. 

Pricing for quality outcomes.

We protect your hiring quality and your cash flow. We don’t believe in placement fees and commission. We provide two easy to forecast pricing options for our services; a monthly subscription plan for consistent levels of hiring or a fixed price work package for one-off projects. The performance of our services can be measured and managed through transparent contractual deliverables.


Monthly subscription plan

Fixed price projects

MEtrics we care about 


% of starting salary spent on recruitment costs


% of leavers in the first 12 months 


Hiring managers time per recruitment cycle


Reliance on recruitment agencies and fees  


Speed of hiring / Empty chair time 


Time to productivity for new hires 


Quality of hire and cultural fit


Company reputation and employee referrals

 what’s included  

Proactive talent acquisition model

We will use research to create an insight-led MASTERPLAN enabling a proactive talent acquisition approach to hiring. Irrelevant of your hiring maturity, we have a the ability to level you up. Our expertise includes talent strategy, assessments, occupational psychology, data and insights, demand planning, employment branding, creative and design, and onboarding.

Freelancer & Contractor management

**OPTIONAL** In today’s complex business environment you need an intricate talent formula to hit business goals. Prioritise the development of your non-employee resource strategy to stay nimble, quickly capitalise on market opportunities, and access skills you don’t hold in-house. You’ll need a platform to manage the complexities of this worker type in order to remain compliant, efficient, and control costs.

Market Intelligence

Benefit from a scheduled flow of intelligence surrounding your target demographic. Think external hiring supply and demand, competitor analysis, skills availability, and salary and pay rate benchmarks. Every Month.

Employer Branding & Communications

Think about all the places where potential hires go to investigate your company. It’s a lot to keep on top of. We overhaul and monitor this network, including careers websites, social profiles, review websites (like Glassdoor), and jobs packs. Once your rep is in tip top shape we switch focus to communicating and distributing your message.

Candidate generation & Talent Pipelines

At COLLABZ, we have dedicated 22-hours-a-day sourcing capability. Our talent scouts are professionally trained on a variety social channels, and utilise your employment brand content and direct sourcing methods to engage with online communities of your target demographic. Once candidates have been engaged, we use a technical review system to screen to your exact requirements. Relevant talent is then submitted to your onsite team for acceptance.

The latest digital technologies

We provide a unique-to-COLLABZ tech stack – and we’re super proud of it. We’ve knitted together some best-of-breed tools to create a single talent attraction hub. Check out these features: CRM, ATS, CMS, Careers page analytics, Video and Audio, Referrals, Assessment, and onboarding modules.

Onsite Talent partners & recruiters

With the onerous task of sourcing taken care of, your dedicated recruiters can now get on with the important bits of the job. Their time will be spent acting as talent advisors to managers, and personal concierges to potential hires. They will gain an in-depth understanding of managers’ business strategy, help them resource, and support them to make better hiring decisions.

Reporting & Analytics

Finally you can manage what you measure. One pillar of our philosophy is ‘data over gut.’ We always aim to help companies work towards evidence-based decisions, avoiding trusting hunches. So wave goodbye to guesswork and say hello to your shiny new powerful reporting suite. As well as the suite, we provide you with a simple dashboard to track those all-important performance metrics. Breathe a sigh of relief: all your data is finally in one place. Welcome to smarter, better informed business decisions.

How we work?

You won’t need us long term.

We engage through a helpful problem solving approach. Our first ‘chemistry’ session is free. You start by giving us a hiring challenge, we’ll put our full resources into cracking the code.

1. Understand YOUR NEEDS

The journey together begins with us joining you onsite for a couple of hours to learn about your business, talent challenges and future roadmap. 


We’ll analyse your information, define what you are trying to achieve with your hiring operations and create a proposal detailing the team, resources, monthly fee, project outcomes and time frames.


A dedicated partnership manager will work onsite to build and manage your strategy, process and the service delivery true to your brand.


You’ll work with our branding expert to create a campaign that best fits the service and project outcomes. We will design content that is authentic to you and tailored for the people you want to hire.


Supporting your onsite solution is our candidate attraction team. They use employer brand content to engage talent online, build relationships through 1-2-1 video meetings and influence applications with creative jobs packs. 


It’s now time for the team to arrive onsite fully equipped with our systems and tool kit. Their objective is to introduce best practice processes to support your hiring managers, deliver a stellar candidate experience and generally elevate your hiring ability. 

7. TRANSFER Operations

We fully understand that long-term, you’ll want to handle our service yourselves. Once we’ve transferred all our knowledge, it’s time for you to take it on. We’ve designed our infrastructure for easy migration.  


When you’ve invested all this time and work to enable hiring success for your business, it makes sense to have some future check-ins to ensure the system we left behind is still working perfectly. 

Ready to start a discussion on how COLLABZ can help you achieve hiring success?


Hire talent in a tightening labour market

You’re able to tap into passive candidates and channels your competition simply aren’t thus handing you an advantage.

Improve internal mobility and employee referrals

Our talent services aim to prioritise and facilitate the development of these sources within your overall talent strategy.

Future proof your hiring solution

Our services have been designed specifically for the hiring challenges of the 21st century and budget restraints of medium sized organisations. 

Save Time & Money

Designed to improve reach but also quality so expect less re-recruiting costs because of early attrition, less missed opportunity costs through quicker resourcing and a monthly fee that can save you 30-50% on typical agency spend.

Level up your candidate experience

 We’ll craft a tailored experience for your candidates which leaves every candidate an advocate of your brand regardless of being a successful hire.

Elevate your company brand in the market

Position your brand to attract the right people. This will mean creating content to grab attention across many channels and build your company’s reputation as a destination of choice for talent.

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