talent Pipeline management

Through taking a proactive talent approach our service allows you to be more responsive and agile in the big moments when you need to hire fast.


We can get you brand attention in just 4 weeks. Let’s grow together.

What is it?

Talent pipelines rather than talent catastrophe.

 does exactly what it says on the tin. It positions your business and employer brand using content marketing principles to build you a hiring pipeline for your key positions.  Within 4 weeks we can guide you to the point that your pipeline is Oversusbcribed with potential applicants. 

Picture that for a second.

Imagine a scenario whereby you have more quality people who want to work for you than you have capacity for at any one point in time.

Creating this recruitment advantage is what we are all about.

The funnel below explains the process and touch points:

Fastrack your talent pipelines 

1. Define your Talent pipeline strategy

  • An account manager
  • Campaign strategy per pipeline
  • Research the target demographic using talent intelligence
  • Media buying and performance management

2. ACtivate Employer Brand

  • A new dynamic careers site or landing page
  • Age-old storytelling
  • Smart social strategy
  • Fresh content plan, weekly. Inc
  • Video/Photography
  • Targeted and re-targeted campaigns

3. Cloud based CRM software

  • Multi-channel communications
  • Marketing automation
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Personalised communication cadences
  • Programmatic Job advertising


  • Social sourcing
  • Talent pipeline generation and re-generation
  • In-person virtual hiring fairs
  • Sourcing events

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Click here to find out more about TALENT ACQUISITION As-a-service 

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