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We have a clear vision: To be known as the ultimate talent utility for SME sized organisations globally and to have built a company that represents the change we want to see.

In doing this we will help our clients punch above their weight in the talent market and become the very best version of themselves.

People talk about the future of work as a distant concept but in reality it’s already here and putting pressure on traditional resourcing models.

In fact its chaos.

Fuelled by the growth of information, social media, recruitment marketing, and the relentless development of new technologies, hiring has become far more complex and evolved beyond recognition.

Unfortunately, many organisations within the SME market aren’t keeping up with the pace and are left falling behind, at risk and exposed.

As a group of people who love to champion the underdog that didn’t sit well with us.

And so we formed COLLABZ in 2019.

We are committed to bringing the recruitment process outsourcing model so long accessible to only the few at enterprise level to the many SME’s who desperately need solutions to create cadence in their talent acquisition activities.

That’s us.

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