On our latest Think Tank session, Collabz are joined by an expert panel of guests to dicsuss our question of the week: ‘Resilience and vulnerability –  conflicting concepts or a potent mix?

Our guests this week are:

Katie Maycock – Professional coach, mentor, speaker & owner of GYST; a support programme for corporate professionals focusing on the impact of stress and anxiety on health, productivity and efficiency.

Rhonda D’Ambrosio – Founder of Mental Health in Recruitment and part of the Project Team to create Kite Support – a unique app designed for individuals and employers to support employees through Covid-19

Ben Gateley – CEO and Co-Founder of CharlieHR; leading HR software built to support small businesses

The full recording of the session can be found below.

Alternatively, if you’re short on time a key takeaways document is also available below.

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