As recruitment costs continue to rise due to the skills gap, hiring will be more difficult in 2020  and Small-to-Medium sized companies will suffer the most. If this is something you’re already thinking about then this is what you need to plan for in 2020:


Well firstly it’s important to identify what an employer brand is.

Put simply, it’s your shop window that tells your story to current and potential employees – what you stand for and why you exist.

It’s that story that employees are going to be engaged with (or not!) when they work for you.

So what makes it world class?

The ultimate strength of your employer brand depends on what people find in your proverbial shop, not what they see in the window.

Authenticity. Simple as that.

If you can provide your employees with the experience your employer brand promises them, you’re well on your way to world class.

For this reason, effective employer branding requires close collaboration between HR, marketing, recruitment and leadership teams.

It is absolutely essential that everyone is clear and committed to the same strategic objectives.

If you think you’d benefit from partnering with a company that knows how to design and deliver a world class employer brand, get in touch

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